Episode 228: 7 Lessons To Use To Make Your Practice’s Marketing Stand Out

We are celebrating 7 years of The Veterinary Marketing Podcast! Over the last 7 years, it has been amazing to see just how far digital marketing and veterinary practices have come and how much they have grown over the years.  In these last 7 years, we have seen an immense amount of growth in digital marketing, with growth comes competition and with competition comes needing to stand out. In today’s episode, I am sharing 7 important lessons you can apply to your veterinary practice’s digital marketing so your practice can stand out.

Here are 7 things you can do to make sure your marketing stands out:

1) Create A Client Avatar- Having a client avatar helps you know exactly how you do want to target and market to and who you do not want to target. Creating your perfect client and really getting specific about what are their wants, needs, and problems will give you a clear direction of what to market to them.

2) Have Specificity- Tying in with the first lesson, having very specific content and offers will help you really target the best audience for your practice

3) Dial In Your Offers- What does your audience want or need and how can you make an offer be valuable to your ideal clients.

4) Use Landing Pages- Get specific with your offers and make their own landing pages.

5) Have Goals- Defining and having very clear and specific goals will help your digital marketing go so much smoother by knowing exactly what you are expecting.

6) KPIs- Measuring your goals with KPIs and being aware of if you are reaching the clear goals you have decided.

7) Build Assests- Create content, email sequences, text sequences, etc that can be used over and over again and even automated will save you so much time.

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