VMP 123: Does Digital Marketing Still Work For Your Veterinary Practice?

Today’s episode comes after Facebook’s January 11, 2018, business page algorithm update news. This is some really big news for all businesses who use Facebook to reach their customer base. I cover what I think this algorithm change means for veterinary practices and I cover why I think you shouldn’t completely panic.

The bad news is that likely you’re going to have to start paying to get ANY distribution from your Facebook page after what came down from Facebook’s press release. The good news is, this occurrence¬†of rules completely changing isn’t anything new. Ever since the advent of modern advertising, marketers have been ruining every medium they’ve touched. From print ads to radio to TV marketers go out and find ways to be creative and sell, until it gets overdone and then is no longer effective.

Facebook is no different from other mediums, and this zero organic engagement has been a long time coming. It is also important to realize this isn’t the first time Facebook has changed the rules for marketers. I’ve been advertising since 2009 on Facebook and if you haven’t been marketing since then, you would be amazed at what we used to be allowed to do on business pages. They used to let you message all of your page fans, add them to events, and more back when they called them fans.

I say all this to let you know this isn’t the end of Facebook. All platforms and mediums go through this, and hopefully the work that Facebook is doing to improve user experience will make the platform a better place. The better user experience that Facebook creates will give you a better shot at reach current and potential clients with paid ads and content.

There are a lot of uncertainties, but if you learn to work within the system and rules we get, you’ll be able to out work the competition. Remember, every veterinary practice is facing the same set of difficulties that you are, so this kind of volatility gives you the opportunity to stand out and grow your business, the only downside is the gravy train is over from an organic distribution standpoint.


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