Episode 145: How To Tell If Your Digital Marketing Is Successful And Ways To Improve It.

Is your marketing successful? A common problem I face when talking with other practices is that they often say marketing isn’t working for them. But the truth is that they just are not measuring their metrics correctly.

Today’s episode I go over how to tell if your practices digital marketing is successful or not, and how to improve your marketing.

Marketing works in three steps: Awareness, Evaluation, and Conversions. One of the biggest mistake people make often in marketing is that they don’t focus enough on content. Content is what will help potential customers get to know you, become aware of your practice.Once you have their attention and they are aware of you they will become more inclined to continue to be engaged with your content and offers.

After your potential clients are aware of you and what you offer the next step is to continue to target that audience so they can start the process to come into your practice, the evaluation stage where they are wanting to get more information to see why you are the best choice for them. 

Next step is conversion. Conversion takes place when the clients make the final step to buy your product or come in for an appointment, they are now a client of yours and have fully converted.

Something that I believe helps anybody with digital marketing is planning and going into to every ad and campaign with a goal that they want to reach. Reaching your goals can look different for every campaign whether it be awareness, evaluation, or conversion intended its important to go into your campaigns knowing exactly what your goals are. 

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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