Episode 149: Using Video Marketing In Your Veterinary Practice Part 2

Which social media platform is your favorite to watch videos? Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube?

In part 2 of the video marketing series, I cover using both Facebook and Instagram for video marketing 

When using either just one of these platforms or both ask yourself these few questions to help better understand what type of video content to put out and where. What makes you stand out? Who is your competition and what are they posting about? And lastly what are others engaging with? 

Once you’ve decided where you’ll post your videos the next step is to choose which mediums to use of native post

Native post video forms 

  • Live videos
  • Recorded videos
  • Video Creator Pages 
  • Instagram Tv or IGTV
  • Stories (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Ads 
  • Story ads

Live videos are one of my favorite video forms to use as they are available on all platforms and take no additional production time. 

The key to building your audience using live videos is consistency, the more consistent you are and the more your clients know when you will be on the better the engagement will become.

another beneficial tip for going live is to kind of have an outline of what you want to talk about and also give opportunities for viewers to engage with you by asking questions and providing topics that will get a response.

Recorded videos can be posted both on your facebook page and your Instagram profile. Some tips to use when posting on Facebook is to add captions. And on Instagram is to use hashtags.

Stories on both Facebook and Instagram have become increasingly popular over the last year. Using stories is easy and pretty quick to use. And now you can even have story sized ads!

Last video form that is still fairly new is Instagram Tv Or IGTV. IGTV allows you to have videos that are up to 10 minutes long. You could even take videos that have been posted on youtube and format them to be posted on IGTV as well Instagram has just recently added a new feature that allows you to have a 60 second preview of your IGTV video.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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