Building an audience on Youtube can be a challenging thing but its most definitely worth it. With these few steps, you can help your new youtube channel grow and build your audience and even have your videos start ranking.

In the final installment of our 3 part video marketing series, it’s all about using Youtube in your video marketing for your practice 

Last week I asked what your favorite social media platform to watch videos on between Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. And while I think all of these platforms are great in their own ways, I believe that every practice should be using Youtube. 

Youtube is a great platform to use for your practice as everyone is familiar with it and pretty much everyone uses it daily. People use Youtube primarily for 2 reasons

1) as a search engine 

2) for entertainment

I recently have been posting a video everyday on youtube for over 2 months (If you’d like to check them out click here ) and here are some tips that I have found to help.

Youtube Search

Having your videos show up on the search you will need to use target keywords that correspond with what your videos and channel are about and target those specific keyword groups. 

2 of my favorite tools to use for keywords are 

Tube Buddy and VidIQ


Consistency is key. When people know when you are posting they will be more likely to engage and watch your videos.

Video Content 

Your videos will perform better if it is high quality, has good audio, and generally, longer videos do better as they help your total view times.

Other items that help your ranking on youtube is descriptions, tags, titles, and end screens.

Be aware while growing your audience on Youtube it will take time to build a steady audience. A few ways to help grow your audience is by funneling over traffic from other platforms to your channel, or even embedding your videos on your blog, or letting your email list know about your channel

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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