Episode 155: Building A Social Media Strategy

In today’s episode, I talk about building a social media strategy of where you should be spending your time and where you should be divvying up your time.

It is extremely important to be reaching customers on the channels you want to use to grow your business. whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any other platform you use.

First, where should you be spending your time? This really is dependent on which platforms you want to use for your social media marketing and who you want to reach. there are 4 major platforms I believe are beneficial to social media marketing.

1) Your website & Blogging- Share blog content on your actual website and also take your blog post and repurpose to other platforms.

2) Facebook & Instagram – Facebook is still the top place to reach people because it’s so widely used by millions. Instagram is another great place to put content as it is also very popular 

3) Linked In -Perfect for reach other veterinary professionals and a great place to put your content if you have a specific type of practice like content about surgeries and dental procedures 

4) Google My Business Post

Next, What your strategy should be? If you have a full-time social media manager you should be using all platforms to greater reach potential customers. For small business owners, you should also be using all the major platforms.

Lastly, Where should you be divvying up your time? For Small business owners, 80% of time should be used on one specific platform that has a video. Videos are great because all of the major platforms now support videos and you’ll be able to post on your main platform and then be able to post on the others to really get the most out of your content.

Make sure you are consistently posting and also repurposing content across all the platforms.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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