Episode 199: The Simple Yet Effective Marketing Funnel Strategy To Grow Your Veterinary Practice

With more veterinarians transitioning to more digital marketing in their practices and as funnel building becomes more popular in veterinary marketing. It’s important to make sure they are effectively built out.

In Today’s episode, I share how you can build funnels out in a simple and useful way for your veterinary practices digital marketing. A marketing funnel is a direct path you are taking potential clients through a journey and turning them into a client. Having developed steps to have a group of people who are typically microtargeted becoming aware of you and your practice at the beginning and becoming further segmented through the funnel and ultimately driving them to the bottom and coming out customers.

Consider for Vet practices you will need to have two types of funnels in place to drive new clients into your practice.

1) Immediate Funnel 

Your Immediate funnel is your intent based funnel. With intent based searches being your driving force. You have clients and customers that are searching for the services or products you offer. These potential clients have a want, need, or desire for what they are looking for right now. Your services, products, or practice  can be the solution for what these clients are needing or wanting.

2) Long term Funnel

Your Long term funnel is an audience based funnel. In this funnel, you will target your target market and ideal client avatar. Talk to this audience as if you’re talking to your favorite client or a caring loving pet owner that will do only the best for their pet. Give valuable information and quick solutions to problems that may not even be on their radar. Build trust and provide value to this audience and in turn, they will come to you for services.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything! 


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