Episode 201:Pricing Strategies To Increase Conversions At Your Veterinary Practice

In today’s episode, I go into the psychology around pricing for products, services, and offers. I share tips, tricks, and strategies you can use in your offers and ads to increase conversions at your veterinary practice.

Now pricing and money can sometimes be a touchy subject to many people but typically in vet practices, the words sales or selling are seen as a negative. 

 Price is a perception- Everyone has their own thought of what is expensive or cheap and even what is worth their money.

Really emphasize the inherent cost of what it takes for the specific product, service, or offer. This will help clients better perceive the benefits and actually know what the service includes.

Give reasoning for discounting. Like special awareness months.

Use feelings to determine pricing when attracting emotional-based decisions for services. Even numbers tend to just feel right in an emotional way of thinking. When attracting rationally based decision services using a specific number that isn’t an even amount feels thought out.

Take larger items and break it down into smaller pieces. For example, you could have a bulk way to buy chew treat, smaller portioned sized bags, or individually sold pieces.

Use specific numbers in promotions, like anniversary dates or birthdays.

Break costs down into a daily cost. This can be applied to a membership or wellness program. While they will pay an annual payment they can see how much it comes down to on a low daily cost.

Format costs in a way it looks cheaper like $0.99 vs $1.00

Choose prices that are easier and shorter to say.

Show prices in a smaller yet still readable font.

Remove commas from larger prices.

and sort prices from high to low on your website.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!


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