Episode 208: How To Keep Your Marketing Costs Down

In today’s episode, I share some creative new strategies you can use to help keep your marketing costs down in your veterinary practice. As we get further into the holiday and political season we are starting to see more and more competitors in the paid ad space in turn driving up ad prices. These tips will help you implement ways to organically get traffic into your practice and lower your digital marketing costs.

The first strategy to use is focusing on content. The best time to build out your content is when your practice is busy and doing well, so you can always have it available to use during a slowdown. The two main things to focus on with your content is quality and specificity. Having high professional quality pieces of content is super beneficial as you can reuse them over again across platforms. Making your content very specific is also beneficial because you’ll be able to target and speak to a very pinpointed group to drive in more clients like them.

Tactics you can also use to maximize your practices organic reach

-Let your clients know about each piece of content and offers you put out through your lists. Keep in communication with your list at least once a week

-Create a Facebook Group. Creating a Facebook group for your practice members is a great way to give your clients and potential clients a space to find all of your latest information. 

-Social selling. Direct Response Social Post increases engagement and curiosity 

-Build your email list. A great way to install cheap insurance for your veterinary practice. Let your list know about offers, content, upcoming events, and about your Facebook group

-Have Text message marketing

-And Facebook Messenger

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!


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