Episode 209: How to Maximize Your Marketing With Evergreen Content & Offers.

In today’s episode, I share how you can maximize your marketing and turn it into a system with evergreen content and offers. Picking up from last week’s episode where we talked about having different types of content and offers to have for your practice, and about creating evergreen content and offers to have in rotation. Evergreen offers and content is a piece of marketing you can use over and over again across different platforms and channels, for years to come. These types of content and offers will help you focus on pieces that will produce results for a long time. As you are creating your offers and content you should create pieces that will help move potential clients down a funnel and ultimately become a real client.

There are 5 general types of content that you should create by answering typical questions pet owners are asking and looking for. 

1) Wellness- What can you do to keep your pet healthy?

2)Prevention- How to minimize health risks and keep your pet safe?

3)Behaviour – How can I train my pet to do what I need them to learn?

4)Nutrition- What should you be feeding your pet?

5)Enrichment- How can I entertain my pet making both our lives easier and better.

Following those general types of content, another way to add information is by adding specificity while still keeping it relevant. You can make content a bit more specific by targeting the content towards 


Big breed or small breed dog posts 


Puppy, adult, and senior posts 


Breed-specific conditions, senior conditions, or even common and rare conditions


Problems pet owners face in different areas in the country 

-And Time of Year 

seasonal must-have and awareness months

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!


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