Episode 221: How Google Ads New Privacy Policy Changes Will Affect Your Ads

In Todays Episode I share the very important and rapidly changing privacy policies that are going to affect how we run ads in the future. With Google following Apple’s lead with IOS 14 Privacy changes we are going to see even more changes from these ad platforms and possibly others too.

As we have talked about in previous episodes their is a privacy battle going on between Facebook, Apple, and Google. Apple made the announcement with IOS 14 that they would no longer allow pixel tracking, which Facebook gathers most of its data from. In 2019 Google announced that it would in the future no longer allow third party cookie tracking on Google chrome browsers. Now Cookie tracking (short pieces of javascript code) would only be allowed for first party cookies (owned by the website owner from an independent source) and not third party cookies (from advertisers like Facebook). 

Google has now announced on March 3rd that they are changing their rules and will no longer be using the data they have collected from first party cookies anymore. Google is now creating a new system that provides better options for them and their services and products. Which in turn will give google ad users even more options with their advertising. Which for many users who are using Facebook and Instagram exclusively it may be time to diversify your ad platforms for your digital marketing.

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