Episode 222: How Your Practice Can Prepare For Review Updates and Changes

In Todays Episode I share updates that are coming to reviews in the future, some different trends and things to think about in terms of reviews of your practice, helpful strategies you can build out for your reviews, and how you can prepare for the review changes coming in the future.

Reviews for veterinary practices are very important and following 2020 reviews have begun to change due to fewer reviews being left and become even more important for all businesses. The same way most people look at reviews before purchasing anything online, people will look at reviews for your practice to gauge if they want to become a client. While reviews are very important and a lot of potential clients search for reviews sometimes they are met with very polarizing either 5 or 1 star reviews there are not very many middle of the road reviews. And a lot of people are becoming warier of reviews questioning the legitimacy of reviews in general.

Some strategies you can use to get even more good reviews and have people looking 

– Turn your best and trusted reviews into a personal recommendation. Ask your clients that have left glowing reviews to say a few words or testimonials on video that you can share on your social media or even website. Giving potential clients a chance to see its not just words on a screen.

-Develop a system to incentivize clients to leave reviews pretty consistently 

-Integrate your reviews into your website, content, or email newsletters so you own your reviews.

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