Episode 224: All About Youtube Ad Placements and Types.

In today’s episode, It’s all about Youtube ads! I share what you need to know about Youtube ads types, ad placements, the different placements you get to chose, and all the opportunities for your veterinary practice using youtube ads.

Here the 6 types of placements are:

-Skippable In-stream Ads

This placement is the most recognizable and most common choice where you have the option to place at the beginning, middle, or end of the video has to be a minimum of 15 Seconds long or longer. These are a great choice for your first impression so potential clients can get an understanding of who you are by learning more through the ad.

-Non-Skippable In-stream Ads

 has to be a maximum of 15 Seconds long or shorter. Non-skippable ads are great for retargeting people who have looked into your practice before.

-Out Stream Ads

This ad placement varies for the others as this ad is an autoplay. This Ad plays automatically and is mobile-only. While you would have great impressions and views its probably not a choice to use for your veterinary practice as there is no intent behind the views.

-Conversion Ads

Great for online sales and stores and you get to select the outcome you want however it comes with a need for a big budget

-Ad sequences 

Creates a sequence of videos and delivers to your ad audience in a specific order. Perfect to consider to use for your employment ads

-Shopping Ads

Great placement to sell physical items in your practice that is underutilized by vet practices

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