Episode 225: How Content and Email Marketing Can Help Your Practice Grow With Abby Herman

In today’s episode, I am joined by special guest Abby Herman content and email marketing extraordinaire from The Content Experiment where we discuss content marketing but more specifically email marketing and how you can use email marketing in your veterinary practice to grow.

Abby has been working with her business full time since 2016 where she has helped many people with their content marketing and email marketing. Her company helps their clients build out strategies for their content marketing around what they want to share and put out for their audiences.

Veterinary practices can grow their content marketing by getting to know what their clients are actually wanting and needing by sending out surveys. Surveys can include what challenges are your clients facing at the moment, how they like to consume their content and information about pets (to know where you can reach them), and what seasonal issues could be a concern for them. Practices can figure out what clients want and need by surveys to generate content topics and posts. 

Using email to reach your clients on a regular basis to be sure to keep your practice at the top of their mind rather than getting lost in the inbox by only checking in once or twice a year. Treat your emails to clients as a way to add value to their lives and to keep your audience informed with helpful and useful information about pet care and how they can keep their pets healthy and safe.

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