Episode 226: Content Creation Strategies For Your Veterinary Practice

In today’s episode, I go over content, content types, content creation, and content strategies for your veterinary practice. While we have gone over content in the past, the world and how content creation is done have changed. With creating content it is super important to have a content strategy that you exacts of who you are targeting and what you are putting out. With how much content is out on the internet it is important to move away from general info and content. With your content, you will want to have high quality and high value information you are providing your audience with.

Let’s talk about the content types that are working now and in the future and the 4 mediums you can use:

Text-Blog Post

Image-Facebook, Instagram, and social posts

Audio- Podcasts

and Video- Most bang for your buck option because it can be used for years over and over again 

An example of a content strategy I would use in a veterinary practice would be. Knowing who I want to target, who I want coming through the door and what they are interested in. Create 1 pillar piece of content a month that is super high quality. And create this content that is very specific and niche for your unique audience. Creating long form content (which is content that lasts over 10 minutes long) allows you to stand out by providing your audience super high quality information and content that is valuable.

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