Episode 230: Marketing With Video For Your Practice With Craig Spinks From Veteos

In Today’s Episode, Craig Spinks from Veteos joins me on the podcast to take a deep dive into video marketing for your veterinary practice. We talk all about video and cover video marketing, production, creation, and more.

Craig got his start in video production over 20 years ago and has been working exclusively with the vet industry for over the last 5 years creating and producing top notch high quality videos for veterinary practices.

Videos for most veterinary practices have been a weak point as video production and creation can come off overwhelming and difficult for busy practices. But videos can be one of the most effective content and marketing mechanisms when done right. Videos have so much benefit to them as they have an additional element than text and that is emotion. Through video you can connect, create bonds, and convey what cant come through text.

The great thing about how fast modern day technology moves is how we now have high quality cameras sometimes in our very hands. So while amazing cameras do exist not necessarily are the deal breaker to being able to produce and create high quality content for your practices marketing. Video is a tool you can use in your marketing to reach your practices digital marketing goals. 

Be sure to check out Veteos on demand where you can use Veteos templates to create your own high quality high production videos. Or get in contact to learn how we can create custom videos for your practice. Or check out Veteos new co produce option where we take the best parts of both options an work together to create your videos. You can check all this at Veteos website here 

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!

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