Episode 233: How To Create Offers For Your Niche Specific Audiences

In Today’s episode, I am continuing off last week’s episode using the Maverick Marketing Method and I’m sharing how to create offers for your niche specific audiences. I go over how to make and present offers and what is the best way to do that.

As we covered last week in the first part of the Maverick Marketing Method. The first step of creating your offers is knowing exactly the audience you are targeting. Really scale down the audience you want to market to market to. We also covered figuring out what products and services we will be selling to these groups we have defined.

Now to create the offer we need to find out your audience’s pain points.

What does this audience need a solution for in the lives of their pets? How can you make this offer more valuable?

List out what is included in your offer- Most people are unaware of what exactly is included in many services. if they see all t

How do the features benefit the clients and their pets? Do these services provide a solution for your client’s pain points?

How can we make this offer even better for the client?

How do we get these offers out to your clients? What is the best way to get their attention about this offer?

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