Episode 235: Michael Shirley Sharing Community Marketing Campaigns That Help Your Veterinary Practice Grow

Michael Shirley from Family Pet Health joins us again! In today’s podcast, We cover how to do community marketing by how to use a podcast to get on radio stations, creating events in your local community area, writing for local newspapers, and much more.

Community marketing is a great way to build awareness of your practice while actively growing your clientele right around you and becoming a known name of the community. Michael shares how he creates and produces his content for his community marketing. 

Create your podcast contact with a script or at least an idea of what topic you’ll be covering. As well as creating content for your client avatar and what they want to learn and hear about. Invest in a good microphone, can be small and portable to have great sound quality. Having an easy to use editing software either on your phone or desktop is also very helpful. Michael likes Twisted Wave for phones and Audacity  Once the podcast is created and ready to go it can be sent out to local radio stations which can take 30 seconds to 1 minute clips that can be used as news for pet owners. Also, create podcast content that you can share with your client’s insight and behind the scenes of your practice.

You can create and write a press release of local pet issues and news that are happening and send them to local newspaper companies or even online newspapers.

Michael created an event for the Walk My Dog Program and teamed up with 8 local businesses to sponsor them and their event giving out prizes for people at the event. 

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