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VMP 108: SEO For Your Veterinary Practice With Adam Greenbaum & WhiskerCloud

SEO is one of those terms that is thrown around all the time, but most people do’t actually know what it is or what goes into it. In today’s episode we have Adam Greenbaum as a guest, the Founder and Owner of a custom website developer, among other digital marketing services, that builds beautiful […]

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VMP 046: Paid Advertising VS Organic Advertising For Your Veterinary Practice

Should your veterinary practice’s marketing efforts focus on growing organic traffic or paid traffic? That is a question you may not be asking, but there is a good chance that what you’re doing to market your practice is pushing you one way or the other. First what is organic traffic? Well I define organic traffic […]

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VMP 041: SEO For Your Veterinary Practice Part 1

Almost everyone these days knows about SEO because SEO (or search engine optimization for those of you living under a rock) is an extremely important part of your veterinary practice’s traffic. Online search through Google, Bing or Yahoo has become a part of life and has completely changed the way that people make purchases. In […]

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