VMP 002: Getting Your Website Ready For Marketing

Your website is so important, it is the base that all your other marketing points to and is in most cases the first impression potential clients get at your practice.

In this episode, we’ll be going over:

  1. What your site should accomplish and what kind of goals you should try to achieve with your site
  2. Should you create your own site or have someone create it for you?
  3. What tools you can use to set up your site
  4. My Favorite plugins and services to use along side your site
  5. Best practices

If you would like to receive a free website or a website update please comment below. I’m running a contest and the winner gets a free site. Whoever has the worst site wins! I’ll create the site via wordpress and use a template from themeforest. net

Tools in this episode:
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
XML Sitemap
Google Webmaster Verification Plugin
Godaddy Hosting
Blue Host
All In One SEO Pack
Mail Chimp
Mail Chimp Plugin For WordPress


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3 thoughts on “VMP 002: Getting Your Website Ready For Marketing”

  1. “Websites” can give you a lot of possible topics.
    Here are some ideas:
    5 things your website should do
    the 3 biggest mistakes made on websites
    why your website should use videos
    what pages should your website have
    How your website works with other marketing methods

    P.S. Found this website because of a post by Danielle Lambert

  2. Hi Brandon,

    I’m enjoying listening to your advice and thinking about how to market my clinic better.

    We are in the middle of a website upgrade and shift (from vetmatric to evetsite) in hosting.

    If I win the makeover, I’d love to send you my evetsites demo address and get your advice!