VMP 008: How To Beat Dr. Google!

When I got into the veterinary industry I heard about “Dr. Google” and I thought that was a pretty funny name for something that was actually really common: people using the internet. Veterinary professionals talk about Dr. Google likeveterinary marketing ideas they’re the only ones who have to deal with clients trying to find solutions themselves, but every industry has to deal with this issue now. Consumer behavior has changed greatly since the internet becoming mainstream and veterinarians need to deal with it like any other industry. Dr. Google actually creates a great opportunity to market to your current and prospective clients by providing value as I describe in this episode.

In this episode I’ll show you how to beat Dr. Google while:

  • Creating awesome content that your clients are searching for
  • Build trust with your current and prospective clients
  • Get more positive reviews for your clients
  • Get great local SEO content
  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Find new clients
  •  and much more!

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Tools I mention in this episode:

Google Hangouts
Google Voice
Sound Cloud


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