VMP 018: How To Create Awesome Video Content With Dr. Cody Creelman

Should you be using video at your practice? In this episode, I talk to Dr. Cody Creelman on why you should be creating epic content and engaging with clients with videos. Dr. Cody Creelman is a beef cattle veterinarian and practice owner of codycreelmanVeterinary Agri-Health Services in Alberta, Canada. His veterinary interests include bovine pathology, large animal surgery, cow/calf and feedlot production medicine. Cody is also very passionate about veterinary mobile technology. This includes consulting on veterinary application design projects, as well as digital marketing and social media platforms. Check him out on his websiteTwitterInstagram, Snapchat (creelmancody), Vine, or YouTube…… he is active on them all!  We talk about using Vine, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter at your practice. Not only do we talk about using video to attract and engage clients, but we also talk about really creative ideas like attracting potential employees to your practice as well.

Also mentioned in this episode, if you want to be better at social media and make your practice stand out, check out Danielle Lamber and SnoutSchool.com. Podcast listeners can check out a Free on demand course at SnoutSchool.com/brandon

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