VMP 021: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies For Your Veterinary Practice

Staying in front of current clients and potential clients is what you need to do to provide the best possible care to your clients and the best way(in my opinion) to do this is to use facebook advertising. I’ve spoken a lot about facebook in other episodes, but in this episode, we go over how to spice it up a little. In this episode I show you why you should be using the power editor, how to execute darkposts and then Facebook’s new location based ads for driving local clients into your practice.

I don’t think that currently there is any better way to reach your clients and potential clients with ads than what you can do with the power editor and dark posts.

If you need help here is a video I found that explains the power editor and how to create audiences:

If you have any questions or comment let me know!

Items mentioned in this episode:


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