VMP 031: How To Use Amazon To Market Your Veterinary Practice

Amazon is a monster. You’re probably frustrated if you’ve ever tried to sell anything to compete with Amazon, but they don’t have to be competition. In this episode I go over three ways to use Amazon to help attract, engage and retain your clients. I’ll show you how to self publish a book using Createspace.com, Amazon’s self publishing platform, as well as Amazon Giveaways and lastly fulfillment by Amazon or their FBA program.

With Amazon’s self publishing platform you can quickly create a book that helps  you generate leads, add credibility and potentially make you some additional money if you choose to sell your book rather than give it away. If you want some help with self publishing, let me know I would be happy to help! Just email brandon@veterinarymarketingpodcast.com

Amazon Giveaways is pretty awesome new feature that lets you rack up as many followers or subscribers as possible by enticing potential clients to follow or subscribe by giving something away.

Here’s what it looks like:

amazon giveaway veterinary marketing ideas

Fulfillment by Amazon is their fulfillment service that lets you send and store product and then have them pack and ship it for you! If you’re selling online but don’t want to deal with the hassle of packing and shipping then be sure to check this out!

Items mentioned in this episode:

Createspace.com Amazon’s self publishing platform

The book I set up as a leadgen piece in a couple of hours using repurposed content

My Amazon Giveaway:

Fulfillment By Amazon

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