VMP 034: Domain Names, Branding Changes and Passive Traffic For Your Veterinary Practice

Your domain name is like the real estate that your website sits on and it is extremely important for both search engine traffic as well as type in traffic. In this episode I show you how to potentially find new domain names that you can use to forward passive traffic and generate steady streams of new potential clients. Not only that I go over if you should ever buy a domain name, what I think about extensions other than .com like .net .org .info .blog and on.

Some people think that the .com isn’t that imporant but I know that it absolutely is! You’re missing out on traffic if you aren’t using a .com. One thing I will say is that I can’t comment on extensions in other countries like the .com.au. I haven’t had enough first hand experience to comment.

I have been getting questions about what do do if you are rebranding a practice, like in instances of practices being sold and then the name changed, so I go over that.

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