VMP 035: How To Use Your Veterinary Practice Management Software To Market Your Veterinary Practice

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself for your veterinary practice is, “What does my ideal client look like?”. Finding common elements between your best clients can really help you to grow and build your practice. Most businesses don’t have a way to track this, but almost every veterinary practice is building a database that is a goldmine inside their practice software. Don’t overlook how important and powerful this can be for you. The data that you already have could translate into better demographic targeting on your facebook advertising to knowing where to send¬†direct mail campaigns.

This week, I talk with Sam Razor from Hippomanager.com about how to tap into your practice software’s data to help market your veterinary practice. Sam Razor is CEO/President and co-founder of Hippo Manager Software, Inc., a cloud-based veterinary practice management software company. He previously served in executive management for a national justice agency, where he managed the national headquarters and served as a project manager for creating a cloud-based case management system for 30,000 users serving nearly 500,000 clients. Prior to his public sector experience, Sam worked for the veterinary practice management software company DVM Manager You can contact him at srazor@hippomanager.com or visit hippomanager.com

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