VMP 038: The Best Ways To Capture Client Emails At Your Veterinary Practice

Email is so important for your veterinary practice because it is a list that you actually own, and in this episode we’ll be going over 3 major email marketing service providers and then some tips and tricks as to how you can build your email list faster. This is becoming increasingly important because social media, organic traffic and other sources of traffic and ways to connect with your clients can be changed based on the platform that you are using . When things like algorithm changes the ways clients can find and interact with your practice that could mean trouble! I know practices who have become increasingly frustrated with their inability to reach their clients on Facebook because their organic reach has dropped a ton in the past year. I think Facebook provides some pretty big insight into what the new normal will look like for social media platforms.

When social media platforms begin to acquire users on a mass scale, in most cases that is what they are most interested in, building as many users as possible. Once these platforms mature however, they also begin to develop their ad platforms as well, and when this happens I think it will be inevitable for organic reach to drop pretty severely pretty quickly. Why is this all really important to a practice and their email list though? Well, when you own your list, and can communicate whenever you would like, then you have the ability to be in control. Not only will building a solid email list give you better control, but it also allows you to build marketing lists for sites like Linkedin and Facebook. This means that email could be a really consistent source of business for your veterinary practice and one of the first steps to building a healthy email list is figuring out how to build the list and which email service provider to use.

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