VMP 121: Reviewing Veterinary Reviews With Adam Greenbaum

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I’m sure you already know that reviews are important! Reviews can really help to make or break your online presence and I’m sure you’ve felt the impact of reviews on your practice. On this week’s episode, I talk with Adam Greenbaum, founder, and CEO of whiskercloud.com about reviews. One of the services that Adam offers is reputation management on Yelp,¬†Facebook, and Google.

We dive into how to handle not only the negative reviews but also the positive reviews that you get online. I think that sometimes when someone hires a company to do marketing or service to handle reviews that you just expect the reviews to show up, and you expect them to be positive, but that can’t always be the case. As a small business, it is inevitable to get some negative reviews, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Reviews are necessary to be adequately handled for many reasons, but here are two reasons that really stand out to me. First, it is how people validate their purchase decisions, and, second, it is an indicator of how your current clients are engaging with you. Getting the positive experiences to write reviews is crucial, but how do you get those clients to take action? You’ve probably experienced good business¬†experiences every day, but do you write positive reviews for all of those businesses? Probably not, like most people, your natural inclination is to want to write negative reviews for bad experiences.

So how do you get more positive reviews? The answer is pretty simple, great experiences for your clients and follow up. How do you stop negative reviews? I think a lot of people feel that you can “market” or “manage away” these problems just by hiring a reputation management company, but this is not the case. Adam covers some experiences he has had and some great ideas on how to fix these issues.

As always, if you need any marketing help, don’t hesitate to reach out, and if you want an amazing website be sure to check out whiskercloud.com/brandon!


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