VMP 124: Are You Doing Swiss Army Knife Marketing?

In today’s episode, I talk about something that I see happen all the time. A veterinary practice puts out a piece of content and they expect it to everything from getting likes, shares, and comments to also converting new potential clients who walk in the door.

I wish I had some type of marketing that did everything from likes, shares and conversions but it typically doesn’t happen. So today we cover how to make your marketing more effective and how to stop using treating your marketing like a swiss army knife. If you’ve ever used a swiss army knife you’ll know that it does everything just enough to function. If you wanted to cut some paper, you’ll probably use a regular pair of scissors instead of the dinky ones you can fold out. The same is true with marketing.

Your marketing pieces and ads should have a specific purpose. What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to grow awareness, create evaluation or work toward conversion? One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for failure is to choose a marketing piece or ad that is geared toward the wrong type of outcome.

So what are you trying to achieve? We cover the different KPIs you should work toward at each stage of the funnel, what kinds of content work depending on your end goals and more.

Another aspect where new marketers typically fall short is the digital asset that they send traffic to. Websites are supposed to be multi-purpose, but if you’re sending traffic on specific keywords or campaigns, you should definitely be working on building specific landing pages. If you’re advertising for cat services on google AdWords but then sending the traffic to the general home page, the client or potential client is going to have to dig around through your site. Conversion rates will go down.

Make it easy for people to say yes. Create marketing that has a specific purpose and then you’ll be able to say if your marketing is actually working or not.

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