VMP 126: How To Use Custom Audiences To Make Your Facebook Marketing Work Better

In today’s episode I cover custom audiences, one of the most important ad tools that you can use to grow your veterinary practice’s marketing work even better.

In marketing you have really only 2 parts to put together, you have the offer/product/content and you have the audience. The audience is very important because it makes up half the equation, and if you get the audience wrong, the offer or the content won’t work.

In previous episodes, we’ve talked a lot about targeting options, and targeting is a tool that I love to use with my ads, however, custom audiences (which is what today’s episode is all about) allows you to reach people with a lot more engagement, intent or interest within Facebook and Instagram. So how do you use build and use custom audiences? That is what today’s episode is all about.

First, to get to the place where you can build a custom audience, you need to get into Facebook and go to ads manager. From ads manager you can click the drop down and get into Audiences. The types of audiences that I cover in the episode today are:

  • Customer files: your current client lists. You can do additional segmentation here. I love working with this list.
  • Website Traffic: here you can create lists of people who spend time on specific pages of your site or based on how much time users spend on your site
  • Offline activity: This is where people are actually coming into your practice. You can use practice management software or pixels, and in the episode I talk about a strategy that I think is AMAZING
  • Engagement: This is segments of people who interact with content or business pages specifically within Facebook and Instagram. This is how you keep your engagement up and running even after the Facebook Algorithm Change.

If you are considering running ads to distribute your content or pay for ads, then today’s episode is going to be really helpful.

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