VMP 128: How To Use Youtube to Grow Your Veterinary Practice

Youtube is a beast of a platform. It is the second largest search engine and nearly 5 billion videos get viewed… EVERY DAY. 

Why is youtube so hard for veterinary practices to use tactfully then? If you’ve tried out youtube for your veterinary practice, you’ve probably felt some frustration, and in today’s episode, we talk Youtube as it relates to generating new clients for your veterinary practice or to develop your personal brand. 

The way I see it, there are really 2 different approaches when it comes to Youtube. First, there is the keyword target strategy. In this strategy, you try to reach people who are searching on Youtube with relevant search terms and video content. This is like the SEO version of reaching potential clients. This is beneficial for practice because you can try to reach people who are searching for info relevant to pet owners-your target demo. The difficulty here is that Youtube is an international platform and it is tough to rank your videos when you’re a small channel. We’ll talk more about that in just a minute. 

The second approach you can use on Youtube is to reach people who are frequently using the platform as a medium to engage with and consume content. Here established brands and content creators produce content regularly and their audiences consume it here. With this strategy, our goal is to reach people by showing up in suggest videos and try to piggyback off of established channels’ audiences. If you’re looking to produce content regularly, create a more personal brand or give more context to your audience by creating something like a vlog then this is definitely a good approach. 

In today’s episode, I cover some of the best practices you should set up for your Youtube channel and we go over how to approach your targeting strategy. 

I really love Youtube as a medium and I think there is so much opportunity for veterinary practices here. Let me know what you think, and if you are a veterinary practice, be sure to comment with your channel URL below. 


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