VMP 129: How To Use Facebook For Your Veterinary Practice in 2018

Today’s episode is very important if you use Facebook for your veterinary practice’s marketing efforts. Back in January, the massive drop off in organic reach happened but that is only the beginning. There have been massive changes that have been happening in the paid ads department as well with Facebook.

If you have been noticing recently, Facebook has been in the news a bunch because of the 2016 election and the run-up to the election, and as a result, there are a ton of policy changes that have been coming out. I think that we’re only seeing the beginning of the end of the “wild west” that Facebook’s ad platform has been. Even though Facebook is taking away data and insights that have been available in the past, I think that we still have an amazing opportunity to reach and educate clients like we’ve never had before( and likely won’t get again).

With all that being said I think it is extremely important that as marketers on Facebook, we approach our ads and marketing from the position that the rules could change at any time and it could go away at any time. The truth is, if you don’t own the media, it could go away.

To help ease your worries about this potentially scary truth, I cover what is working now, how to approach your marketing and ways to mitigate having all of your eggs in the “Facebook” basket.

Ultimately, I think that these changes will be helpful because it will make the platform as a whole better. As long as people keep using Facebook to the scale that they do I think it will continue to be a great way to reach your clients.


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