VMP 132: How To Distribute Your Podcast

In the previous two episodes of the podcast we talked about first if you should start a podcast for your veterinary practice and then we talked about the technical nuts and bolts how to start a podcast. In today’s episode, I talk about the best ways to get your podcast out there.

Podcasts work great as a top of funnel content and because that is the case, it is important to consider how you’ll engage your audience. You’ll likely want to use the recorded audio to create blog posts around because it can be used for social media, email newsletters as well as give you organic traffic benefits as well. Since you’ll be using this content to engage and bring awareness and education to your clients, you’ll want to re-market heavily to your audience based on what they’re interested in. Use the content as a means to segment your audience and create retargeting lists.

One of the drawbacks of podcasting is that you don’t get too much data from hosting services about downloads, how long your audience listens and what your subscriber numbers are. As we covered last week, iTunes and Google play are just really feeds that pull data from your hosting, so they don’t provide insights. That being said, putting your content on your own channels or turning them into video clips as well can give you more meaningful data.

A quick tip for creating your data on your website is to use naming conventions so that you can topically sort your content and create retargeting lists automatically. If you put certain words in the URL that are always related to a certain topic you can have your re-targeting list automatically add that topic, this is done by setting rules within your audiences section in Facebook’s ads manager.

Along with talking about different ways to partner with brands who can help grow your audience, I cover some of the best ways to target potential subscribers and talk about strategies for growing your subscribers through iTunes and Google Play. I also go into what you should do when trying to take your subscribers through your funnel.

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