VMP 136: Marketing Tools To Help You Scale The Unscalable

Most of the client communication tools these days are done by sending out mass messages. Email marketing, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and on and on. These are great platforms for reaching clients at scale, but it is tough to create a message for everyone, by default you have to leave people out.

The benefit of marketing to large audiences all at once is you can cast a wide net and get your message out to all your clients and potential clients, I’m a huge fan of it. The problem is that this is what everyone is doing, and if you want to stand out in the noisy marketplace, that often times takes doing things that not everyone else is doing. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to stand out and to bond your client to your practice is by taking some extra time to add personal messaging to your practice’s marketing, which can be difficult.

If you’re like every person in the industry that I know, you’re probably insanely busy, so how do you make time add personal messaging to your practice’s marketing? That is what today’s episode is all about.

I cover 4 tools that help you improve your practice’s marketing by giving people a personalized message.

Imagine being able to follow up with every single client who comes into your practice by sending them a custom created, personalized message? That is what the Bonjoro app does, and I go into detail on how to use it to make sure that you’re getting good reviews, and that people come back.

I even dive into a tool that lets you send… SNAIL MAIL. There I said it. Delivering handwritten notes that look like you sent them is a pretty old-fashioned¬†strategy, but there’s a web interface for you to use, so I think it is worth sticking in the podcast.

If you can use tools to take out the time-intensive nature of personally following up you’ll be able to make your clients feel like you actually care. Remember the famous saying, People will often forget what you said but remember how you made them feel. Make them feel like they matter.


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