VMP 049: 13 Really Awesome Free Tools To Help Market Your Veterinary Practice

I run across helpful tools every now and then and in this week’s episode I share with you my favorite tools that I use in marketing. The tools that I mention in this episode help you to either market more efficiently, engage better or make your life easier. I’m constantly amazed at the really high quality free tools that get put out there that you can use whenever you want, you just need to know what tools are out there!

Veterinary Marketing Tools That I talk about in this week’s episode:

Tool number 1: Follow.net

Follow allows you to see a high-level overview about any site, across a variety of sources. Data that you can view quickly includes: Traffic Estimates, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Contextual Advertising, Twitter Mentions, Web Mentions, Blog Posts, Whois, Reverse IPs. This tool lets you do a bunch of research really quickly and lets you keep tabs on any competitors, especially in paid advertising.

Tool number 2: Snip.ly

Snip.ly is a URL link shortener that when clicked offers a customized call-to-action snippet at the bottom. What it lets you do is curate content really quickly. Curation is when you find something that would be beneficial to your audience that is from a source that isn’t  your own. By adding a call to action to this content you can potentially convert clients.

Tool number 3 Overvideo App

Video is getting increasingly more important because your clients love consuming video. Overvideo is an iPhone app you can use to create visual calls to action when you post video to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It is very simple to use on your mobile device

Tool number 4: Semrush.com

This is a great resource that tells you competition levels for keywords, as well as search volumes of keywords, who is ranking for what. I especially like this tool when I’m checking out competition especially for

Tool number 5: Lower Third for Hangouts on Air Branding

If you ever do hangouts you’ll want to check out this tool called Lower Third.

Lower Third lets you easily add a graphic banner or overlay anywhere on the screen of your hangout so that you can brand it. It makes it look a lot more professional. I think hangouts are great for educating clients live, plus it drives clients to your Youtube and Google Plus page.

Tool number 6: SumoMe.com

Sumome.com is a suite of 10 tools created by Noah Kagan and Appsumo.com that help you to convert more of your traffic into opt ins. They have tools that range from opt- in pop ups to heat maps and a bunch of really amazing products.

Tool number 7: Portent Idea Generator for Writer’s Block

If you ever have trouble coming up with ideas to write about this is a great tool. Oh by the way be sure to get my 31 Veterinary Blog Post Ideas (that’s free too)

Tool number 8: Swayy.co

This logs in to your social accounts and sees and suggests things that would be beneficial to post bast on your community. IT is super cool For example it gave me an article that I could post about which was the dog eating festival. This tool combined with Snip.ly is a really great content curation strategy.

Tool number 9: Google Analytics

This is the staple for measuring marketing at your veterinary practice. If you aren’t on Google Analytics please get this on  your site. Even if you have an analytics suite through your web developer you need to be tracking what is happening!!!

Tool number 10: Mail Chimp

I choose this one just because it is free up to 2,000 contacts

Tool number 11: Canva for Social Media Image Design

Canva is basically like a really easy to use version of photoshop for creating images. If you want to easily create native image sizes for content then this is a great tool!

Tool number 12: EMV Headline Analyzer for Headlines

Ever wonder if you’re writing a good headline? Headlines are so important for your open rates and really help with engagement as well, and this gives you an emotional marketing value, check it out here: http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

Tool number 13: Quicksprout.com For SEO Analysis

If you go here and put your website in, it will give you a SEO overview on things you need to work on and things you are doing well. It is pretty cool because it gives you a really broad overview, so you can use it to see if you have any large problems. Be warned you will be pitched SEO services!

Bonus Tool:  Google’s Mobile Website Tester

Is your site mobile friendly? Make sure you aren’t being penalized! https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/


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