About Us

Hello, my name is Brandon Breshears. I created the Veterinary Marketing Podcast because I love marketing and saw the need the veterinary industry had for some up to date marketing.Brandon

I helped to start a company called Rethink Veterinary Solutions that specializes in providing loyalty wellness programs to practices. My role in the company had been to create an online presence and to help with the marketing of the company. As I came into contact with practices all over I was amazed at how few practices were actively marketing ¬†themselves, and many practices didn’t even have a website or one that would even remotely pass as professional today.

I love working with veterinary professionals because they are really kind, intelligent people who are passionate about what they do. They want to provide the best service possible and for the most part they truly love their patients, but most of the people I’ve met since getting into this industry have no idea what they are doing. They’ve been trained as doctors or technicians, not as business owners or marketers and that is where I want to help. I’ve been doing internet marketing in one form or another since I launched a Real Estate lead generation website, and I’ve spent the past decade learning things like SEO, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Adwords, Analytics, Facebook and Other Social Media Marketing and I want to share my passion of marketing with this industry that needs it so badly!

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