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Creating content is extremely important for a bunch of reasons. For example, you need fresh content to send out to your email list so that you can keep engagement high, since sending emails to your client list once a year likely won’t get you too many opens. Good content is also great for being engaging and educating on social media as well. Not only that it helps with SEO and it gives you the opportunity to sell services or collect info to build your email list. The bottom line, good content will boost engagement and drive clients into your practice instead of your competitors.

The only problem with most content creation is that it takes time, energy and thought, but it doesn’t have to. This tutorial will give you two examples step by step of how to quickly create content that is educating and will work well for your practice.

A Simple & Speedy Content Method: Content Curation

Content Curation

This type of content is where you find something that is already created, typically a video, but maybe an interesting info-graphic  and you use it in your post. With videos, you’ll want to find pieces that are on youtube, or if your using an info-graphic you’ll want to make sure it is a souce that wants people to share (often times they do). People create and upload videos on Youtube to get views, so the more views the better, it doesn’t matter if they are on Youtube or on your website. You take these videos, and embed them in a page and use this formula:

Video Curation Formula:

1. Into- Create a good headline that will generate clicks. In the intro of the content tell them what they are going to be seeing, a brief description works, it doesn’t have to be a novel. Get to the point.

2. Video- Embed the video. This is pretty simple go to Youtube and Find the Video that you want to use. Once you find the video Click the Share Button The Picture Below has the Red Arrow showing you where to find this:

Curating Content For Veterinary Marketing
Hey It is Dr. Andy Roark from The Cone Of Shame, Be sure to subscribe to his channel for awesome content to curate.

Once you click the share button it gives you several options. Choose the embed option, this is the red arrow in the image below. Depending on how your site is set up, you might want to change the size of the video. Don’t make the video width larger than the text area. The orange area shows you where you can change the video width. Once you’ve done that copy the line of code and past that to your site.

veterinary marketing

3.  Write a summary of the video that they just saw and bullet out the key points. Don’t forget to put a call to action or a place to opt in. If you are going to create content do it with a purpose!

Don’t forget to create content around the offers that you already have. Do you have a promotion for dental month going on? Create a piece of content around pet dental and then put a call to action at the bottom regarding a pet dental month special.

Here is an example of what content curation can look like:

Do I Need To Take My Pet To The Vet? 5 Signs That It is an Emergency.

A question that we get all the time from our clients on the phone is, “Do you think I should bring my pet in? ” This is a great question and it is always on a case by case basis(don’t hesitate to call us) but there are some cases when you should DEFINITELY bring in your pet.  Dr. Andy Roark shares some great tips with us in this really funny video. Some of these items might surprise you, but they are extremely important to know.

Obviously each case is different and if you feel like you need to visit us or give us a call please do so, but these five issues are definitely serious and require attention immediately, here they are again:

  • Cuts/Bites- These can easily become serious, prevention is really key here so that it doesn’t get worse. Remember it is way cheaper to do preventative care than to deal with a serious issue later. For cuts or bites, treatment within 6 hours is best.
  • Infections- These can become life threatening quickly. Get in and get it taken care of early!
  • Allergic Reactions – Bee stings, swelling, itching and hives are all potential signs of an allergic reaction. If untreated this can turn into anaphylactic shock.
  • Disorientation/Lethargy – If your pet can’t stand, use its legs, is uncoordinated or falling over bring them in, it can be serious!
  • Seizures – Shaking or muscle tremors. If your pet has several within a 24 hour period or a seizure lasting an extended period of time bring them in right away! It is serious!

Now remember that there are more reasons to bring in your pet than just these 5 so if you every have a question feel free to call us at: 888-888-8888. Many times serious issue can go un-noticed because our fur babies can’t speak to us, so be sure to get your preventative care done. Regular wellness checks are best to make sure everything is going well. Schedule a wellness check today by calling today 888-888-8888 and receive a $5.00 savings when you mention this article.

Remember These Things When Curating Content

First you need to be sure that the source will let you use their content. If it is a public video on Youtube, then you are good. My favorite places veterinary channels are: Dr. Andy Roark’s Cone of Shame, VetStreet and DVM360. They have topics already created in the videos so you don’t even need to come up with ideas. Subscribe to their channels to get the most up to date videos. Second you need to make sure that you agree with the content. Make sure it is good advice and actually watch the video. If there is something that you disagree with don’t use the video. It is important to provide proper education to clients. If you use the sources I mentioned above you won’t have trouble with this issue. Once you have it created post it out there on all your channels and use it for your email marketing.

Be engaging and funny when you can. People like to do business with people they know and trust, so content is a great way to build trust and educate so get to it!



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