Episode 157: 30 Day Veterinary Practice Marketing Challenge Part 2

Today in part 2 of our 30-day marketing challenge we cover the next step after you have completed your pre-work. For the next 4 weeks, we will be covering what you should be doing, how to grow your practice’s marketing, how to measure success, and how to make sure you are being successful in our 4 part series of setting your self up for extreme success with your veterinary practice’s marketing. We will also be focusing on who our ideal clients are, how to target them, how to find them on the internet and how to drive them to your practice. 

Step 2 of 4 will include:

Before & After Grid-Before & after Grids helps convey the emotional benefits and overall value you are able to provide them

Offers-Offers need to be either a product or service that you can easily convey the value to your target market that helps them transform from the before to the after packaged in a way that shows them as much benefit as possible. Be sure to outline the value of your offer to help potential clients have a clear understanding of why they will want to get your products or services. I recommend that you have 4 different offers that you rotate 1 month at a time. 

Funnels-Create a funnel that will take your clients from awareness to conversion through your content. Your content will be the top of funnel.

Content-Create content on a daily basis and be sure to have a clear call to action on each piece of content. Content can vary from low production time live videos or quick pictures of what’s going on inside your practice to high production time edited videos.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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