Episode 161: Instagram Marketing For Your Veterinary Practice Part 2

Last week I started the 2 part Instagram marketing for your veterinary practice series and we went over using Instagram as a platform to have your ads on, the type of posts, your Instagram profile, creating engagement, and the types of content to be posting on your Instagram.

Today we will be covering everything Instagram ads, where the 8 placements are, the best uses and application of each one, and I’ll share some strategies for your ads

The 8 Placements of ads on Instagram are 

Single Image Ads- one single picture that should stand out and call attention to your offer.

Video Ads-videos that run up to 120 seconds shows your audience what they will be getting with your offer or even show before and after footage of clients using products or specific services

Carousel ads- Multiple pictures allow you to showcase more of the benefits of your offers or even highlights of your practice

Lead ads- 2 Forms of lead ads are high intent and high volume 

Story image ads- a static image be sure to include the swipe up call to action

Story video ads- up to 1 minute of content that will be broken up into 10-second clips also be sure to have the swipe up call to action 

Slide show ads- compiles all the photos you want and turns it into a video ad

and Collection ads- Upload through business manager a catalog of products or even services.

Now that we know where your ads can be placed our next steps are to figure out who is your ad for, what does the before and after looks like for your ideal client your selling to, make your offer, and let your audience know how they can get the offer.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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