Episode 163: The 3 Biggest Problems Veterinary Digital Marketers Face.

In Todays Podcast episode I share with you what are the 3 most common problems I see veterinary digital marketers face and how to overcome them. I’ll cover how to measure ROI, how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing, and how to overcome difficulties with content creation.

Many veterinary practice marketers will tell me these 3 things very commonly and ask what and how they can fix in their marketing. The Most common things veterinary digital marketers will tell me is:

1. ________ isn’t working.

This is a fill in the blanks kind of statement. many times I have been told “this isn’t working” “Instagram doesn’t work” or even ” this strategy doesn’t work” when in reality these methods do work they just need some fine tuning to work properly for each practice. Really think and take a look at you offer or ad, is it clear what you are offering, what is the objective of your marketing, and what is the main goal?

2. I have no time to create content.

This another one I hear a lot! Providing content is not only beneficial for your practice but also for clients and customers. content builds communication with your clients where they get the opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you. An amazing idea to use for content is to turn your frequently asked questions or commonly asked about topics into pieces of content that you can use and refer too to help educate your clients. 

3. How can I tell what is actually working?

Now, this is a valuable question to ask because you don’t want to be wasting both time and money on marketing that isn’t working. The best way to be able to tell if your marketing is working is to track, measure and monitor your conversions. Again also ask what is the purpose of your marketing, does your ad stand out and draw attention, and is your call to action clear?

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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