Episode 165: How To Maximize Your Content Creation

Do you struggle with content creation or your content marketing? Figuring out when and what to post can be difficult and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be.

In Todays Episode I talk about how you can maximize your content creation, create effective content, and how to repost your content for your digital marketing using a few tips and tricks. Content is very important to your marketing as it is the oxygen to your marketing as it can keep your marketing running for you. Content is also your communication line to your audience. Content also helps potential clients get to know your practice beforehand helping them trust you. Build your audience list with the people who engage with your content, invest in your content and it will give you an audience back.

When creating effective content you want to first find what is your favorite method of content and produce that whether its writing blog post, posting pictures of your Instagram, posting on your stories, or creating youtube videos. Another way to be effective with your content is to post consistently. You need to post consistently and with a schedule so your audience can know when and what to expect from you. Consistency is key, create content in quick forms (Instagram Post, Stories, Facebook and Instagram lives) to consistently have something going out.

Another way to have your content going out constantly is to repost and repurpose your content from one social channel to the others. You can repost content from any of your channels you are using to the rest of them you don’t always have to create exclusive content for each social platform. The social platforms I suggest using are youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram as the minimum. 

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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