Episode 166: Loyalty In Your Veterinary Practice With Brian MaCrae

Would you love to be able to turn first-time clients into lifetime clients? Loyalty in your veterinary practice is one of the most important things you should focus on in your practice.

In today’s episode, I am talking with Brian MaCrae from Rethink Veterinary Solutions about the importance of loyalty in our veterinary practice and how you can use a membership program to protect and stop your veterinary practice from losing money from discounting. Memberships show there is an increased level of mental and emotional commitment to a business from customers.

When implementing a loyalty program into your veterinary practice there are a few key components that will make your loyalty program work.

– Your program model needs to be simple to understand. Clients should be able to make a buying decision within 30-60 seconds of information. Highlight benefits to your customer of how this will make their visits more enjoyable and valuable.

-Implement Virtual Currency System. Instead of discounting offer clients rewards that are redeemable only at your practice. People want and like when they feel as though they are getting a great deal of value on something. Rewarding clients will entice them to keep coming back. 

-Easy low price point. 

Adding a loyalty or membership program helps add value to your practice by helping with your profitability. Memberships are monthly revenue and recession prevention tools. They also help tremendously with client retention, members of clubs and stores are more likely to visit their membership locations as they are rewarded for coming into their businesses. Rewards help to set your veterinary practice up to win 

If you would like to check out Rethink Veterinary Solutions you can visit their website here and book a live demo and also check out their webinar that explains exactly how their program works

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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