Episode 167: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing With Sandra Byron From Digital Vet Marketing

Today on the podcast we have another very special guest that is going to share with us some wonderful tips, tricks and ways to help veterinary digital marketers really get the most out of their marketing. As well as some of the current trends that are happing in digital marketing, what she thinks is important for marketing, and how to approach digital marketing effectively 

In today’s episode, I talk with Digital Vet Marketing’s Sandra Byron about some of the biggest mistakes she sees practices making (and how you can avoid them), where marketing is going in the future, and how and where to start with your practice’s digital marketing. 

Sandra Byron shares her thoughts on

What she thinks should marketers focus on first?

After a strategy has been developed you should make sure that you have a working website that not only works but is also mobile responsive and also is easy to use. Using search ads is where people who need a vet will be most likely to find you as they are in need of your services.

How much should a practice manager know about digital marketing?

Practice managers are already so busy with running their veterinary practice they shouldn’t get wrapped up in becoming an expert and knowing all the ins and outs of marketing but they should have a general understanding of what their practice needs in terms of digital marketing and have a basis of understanding of just how important digital marketing is for their business.

and What should practice managers be doing it there practice that they arent?

Understanding really what your practice needs from the business side and what your practice is looking to gain.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!


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