Episode 168: 5 Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Marketing

It’s crazy to think that the Veterinary Marketing Podcast is now 5 years old! I want to say thank you to every single listener out there, honestly, thank you so much. So to celebrate on today’s episode I am sharing 5 things you need to do to dramatically improve your marketing.

1) Set up Your Systems:

Marketing automation, Content creation, and communication systems. which includes

Email marketing where you should have at least 1 email per month going out to your email list, Text message marketing is another need for your practice and content automation

2)Create and Repurposing more content:

You need to be creating more content to continuously be able to post content across all the platforms. I believe video is the best piece of content to create because it can be repurposed so many ways.

3) Being extremely clear on your client avatar:

being clear and knowing exactly who your ideal clients are will in turn make your marketing easier. By knowing who your clients are you can create specific content and ads that speak directly to your audience  All of your marketing is based on drawing attention to your products and services to a specific type or group of clients that are perfect your business or practice.

4) You have to have a before and after grid:

You need a before and after grid to know exactly what your benefits are that you offer to your clients and customers. How can your business or practice help potential clients? what are the benefits of coming to your practice?

5) Setting up your reportings and metrics:

You need to have your tracking and analytics set up an know what you will be measuring and how they will be measured.

And as a bonus 6) Make sure you have multichannel marketing 

Have your marketing in more than just one place or platform.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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