Episode 171: 8 Tips To Attract Attention And Make Your Marketing More Effective

In Today’s episode, I share a few tricks to use to get your veterinary practices digital marketing more attention and help your digital marketing stand out to your audiences. I will also be sharing with you how you can get your content and offers more attention because let’s be honest, your offers and content can only work so much if they aren’t getting enough attention.

A few things to try to increase the attention your digital marketing is getting is to:

Copy, Improve, Implement.

Take past content or even past offers and copy the structure of it but improve the offer or content idea and then implement it in your marketing 

Be Unexpected

Rule #1 don’t be boring! Boring content does not get attention. Being unexpected in a fun way will attract more attention to your content


Come up with at least 10 new ideas for content even if they are crazy because there might be a few that are just crazy enough that will work.

Make Your Marketing be about the clients

Try to focus your marketing on the clients and your audience, what’s in for them to come to your practice and why do they need this special offer in their lives?

Getting Straight to the point with your content

Too many times people get wrapped up in blog post of videos being a certain length to help with algorithms that they often add unnecessary fluff to their content. The best way to have your content do better is to get straight to the point and not adding extra filler to your content

Get an emotional response to your content 

Getting an emotional response can be anything from happy, funny, sad, anxiety or even angry. Evoke emotions by targeting issues that need to be addressed or even common client pain points 

Be Authentic

Being yourself and talking about things you are passionate about is the best for content for people to relate to you and actually be interested in your content.

and Curiosity

Everyone is curious and everyone wants to be in the know, use that to your advantage.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!  


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