Episode 172: Things That Could Be Affecting Your Marketing Today and How Digital Marketing Could Look Like In The Future

In today’s episode, we are taking a look at the current state of digital marketing, what could possibly happen in the future to digital marketing, what that means for your veterinary practices digital marketing and how to set yourself up to be prepared for possible future changes in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly more popular and now a more competitive market with the entry of huge companies getting in on mediums like Facebook and Instagram. Digital media has surpassed traditional forms of media (Radio, TV, Print, ETC…) 

Here are some things you should be doing and also may want to consider doing in your veterinary practices digital marketing. For starters, you should be minimum on both facebook and Instagram and be running ads. As well as have your prework setup for your ads, make sure funnels are set up and you have content that is being produced and posted regularly. Having offers to rotate throughout the year is a great way to have your digital marketing making money for you! 

Another way to help set you up for success is to diversify your traffic sources to help your digital marketing perform better, consider running ads for your content and not just offers as this will boost engagement and help drive in clients to your practice. Build an email marketing list and send emails regularly.

Drive customers that are actively looking for a vet to your practice using google ad words. A huge benefit of google ad words is that its real estate isn’t limited so you can be seen more frequently by more people

And lastly, own as much of your media as you can. That includes email marketing, text message marketing, physical address mail marketing, push notifications, and more  

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!  


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