Episode 173: 3 Crucial Paid Ads Campaign Elements You Need to Have Squared Away Before You Start Running Ads

Before you get started running ads for your veterinary practices digital marketing their are 3 things you should know.

In today’s episode, I cover the 3 campaign elements you need to have set up, squared away, and understood before you begin running ads You have a much higher chance for success for paid promotions anywhere for digital marketing. Having the correct settings and having your prework setup is extremely important for your practice’s marketing.

The 3 campaign elements to have set up are :

Turn off automatic placements- Automatic placements while they sound like a good thing they aren’t. Facebook Instagram and google all have an automatic placement option for paid ads. Using automatic placements can actually hinder your ads and make them not perform aa well as they should. Placements to avoid are the right side desktop,mid-roll video ads, and instant experiences. I suggest creating ads for specific placements and creating a few different variations.

Conversion objectives- Across every single ad platform, you need to know what the end goal of your ads are. Having conversion objectives set up will help give facebook enough data so they can understand who the ideal profile is of the potential clients. Test different conversions and track them properly with pixels. Conversions I like to use are clicks, landing page views, complete registration, and purchase conversions.

and lastly Understanding your call to action-Choose one call to action and make it very clear what you are asking viewers and potential clients to do. Pick one main objective of your ad you want to achieve, focus on that one specific objective, have the call to action correspond to it, and make it very clear.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!  


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