Episode 174: The Importance Of Storytelling In Your Video Marketing With Brynn Zittle

Special guest Brynn Zittle From Brynn Zittle Cinema joins us on today’s podcast to share her thoughts on the importance of storytelling in your practices video marketing, video production, professional production, and pillar content. We also cover thinking of new ways to improve your video marketing and the different storytelling methods she uses in her videos.

Brynn Zittle has been working and apart of the veterinary industry for now 7 years, she wanted to find a way to combine two of her biggest passions her love for animals and her love for video and film production and through that BZ cinemas was created.

Content is one of the most difficult spots for veterinary practices when it comes to digital marketing. Practice managers are busy and to have to create a piece of content that will not only capture the attention of your audience but also make your practice stand out to potential clients can be quite the feat.

Brynn suggests having at a minimum one piece of pillar video content that you can use again and again across social platforms. These types of videos should be something that really captures and highlights the hospital as a whole as a way to show both potential and current clients who you are. Creatively share a story with your clients that will create a connection with them on an emotional level and give them a feel of how you treat your patients and clients while sharing what you stand for and what services you offer.

Treat your high production videos as an asset to the marketing of your practice as these videos make a great first impression of you and your practice.

If you are interested in working with Brynn or would like to get in touch with Brynn Zittle You can check out her social channels

Here’s a link to the South Des Moines Veterinary Center video we referenced in the podcast episode:





and Check out her website


Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything!   


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