Episode 175: How To Choose & Identify Offers That Your Customers Will Actually Want.

If you are doing content creation by yourself in your practices digital marketing you probably aren’t sure what exactly you should be promoting or marketing to your clients to get them into your practice.

In today’s episode, I talk about how to really identify the aspects of your business and which offers you should be focusing on to try and drive new clients to your veterinary practice.

When creating content for your veterinary practice you are going to want to create and have content about topics that relevant to what people in the industry are talking about or what clients and customers are concerned or curious about. Create content about hot topics at the moment that gives your clients information about topics that are important to them. Now, what should you be creating content around? what kind of offers should you be promoting? and how do you monetize your content? You ultimately want to create content that lets you attract and engage with clients so you can create ROI through your content. Your content needs to built and centered around a specific offer so you can retarget people that are specifically interested in that topic and offer.

Ask yourself how can you develop something different to separate yourself from other veterinary practices in the crowd or even pet stores or online stores and how you can make your offer more effective? think about what makes your practice different from everyone else and what sets you apart. Using your knowledge and share that with your clients. Also, package your offers in a way that is extremely valuable to your customers. Outline what they get why they need it, and how it will improve or provide value to their lives

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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