Episode 176: Using Laser Targeted Segmented Lists To Increase Revenue and Conversion In Your Practice

In Todays Episode I cover how to use ultra segmented targeted list inside your veterinary practice to help grow your business through very pinpointed targeted marketing. I also talk about how using these segmented lists can actually be very helpful to increase conversion and in turn, increase your revenue in your veterinary practice.

Keeping track and tracking clients and people coming into your practice and have been presented or offered a specific procedure, service, exam, or product but have not taken you up on your offer can be extremely useful data to input into your retargeting lists.

Figure out what you can do to help improve client conversion and compliance. Using special offers that call to clients that have been offered this before in every possible medium whether it be direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing or even text message marketing can increase your conversion rates. Think of this method as the cart abandoned method remind your clients about offers and services they were interested in but didn’t act on and show them their offer just for them. Custom and personalized ways to let your clients know about such offers will have better conversion rates such as handwritten letters or even personalized video messages that are sent directly to clients using an app called Bonjoro. Having automated segmented emails is also very effective.

Two things to help you with your segmented marketing:

1) If you can create an offer that is laser targeted to your specific client and take it one step further and personalized you can increase client compliance

2) Having your lists (email, phone, and mailing) segmented so you know exactly who you are communicating with and what you are communicating about, and how to create them a specific offer.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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